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Dealing with Social Security

| May 06, 2016
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Social Security

Have you ever had the experience of needing to contact The Social Security Administration? Imagine having to wait for what seems like forever for someone to answer!! You have an average wait time of 30-45 minutes. If you need to replace your social security card, or even get a Summary of your Benefits Reward Letter you will have to fill out forms and have extra time waiting for these to appear in your mail. The Social Security Administration has an amazing online tool called “The My Social Security Account”. It only takes about 15 minutes to create this account. After creating this account you can have access to changing your address, printing your Benefit Rewards Letter and requesting a replacement social security card (if you meet certain requirements). This account will also show your estimates of your future retirement benefits. The Social Security Administration no longer sends these “estimates” via mail. I bet you can remember getting these estimations of future benefits in the past, but now that this new tool is available, they don’t send estimates anymore. This tool will also show you estimates of future disability payments and if you have enough credits to receive should you ever qualify for any benefits.

So now that we know we can eliminate a long waiting time on hold, it’s time to learn how to create this account. First, go to , then scroll down and towards the bottom left and click on “My Social Security Account. To create this account, you must provide personal information about yourself. These will be questions that only you would know. Other requirements are that you have a valid email address, a social security number, a U.S. mailing address and are at least 18 years of age. Once you have input this information, it will be time to create a username and password. It is important not to share this information with anyone, because this is what protects you and keeps your information private. Now, anytime something comes up just log in and request the information you need. This is not a perfect solution for everything you might possibly need, but will definitely help with a majority of your needs. The best part is that you can try to plan for your retirement based off of your future estimates and will have a better understanding of what else you need to do to start funding for your own retirement.

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